Unread Status for Organisation Group Chat

Hi There,

I am having an issue with the Unread Status Dot not working as it should when a user views the message on the group chat.

So the way I have it now is that the dot is only visable when the following:

It should only be showing the dot when the organisation’s last message was created after the last read status.

The organisation database has these three sections.
Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 11.54.55 am

So when someone views the chat screen there is an action that creates a Read Status and in doing so the dot should disappear as there is now 1 read receipt from that user that was created after the last message was created.

As you can see here, it’s creating the read receipt and then updating the last message time and date on the organisation.

So with that then the dot should disappear shouldn’t it?? For some reason it just stays there.


When I change the dots visability to only show when the Number of read status is not equal to 0 the dot disppears… but never comes back.

I would really appreciate some help, cheers!

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