Update a collection property with another collection property linked to a user

Hello community,

I have a problem updating database property. Here’s where I’m stuck.

In my app I have 3 collections

  • Users (can have 1 group and multiple posts)
  • GROUP (can have multiple users and multiple posts)
  • POST (can have 1 group and 1 user)

Basically a POST must have 4 properties : a description, a link, a linked USER and a linked GROUP.

Once a user is logged, he has a form to create a POST with a description and a link (2 properties)

The submit button of this form creates a POST with these two properties and updates the POST’s USER with current user infos.

But I can’t figure out how to update the fourth property which is the GROUP. I want it to be the current USER’s GROUP.

But when I want to “set automatically” the value, I can’t choose any option.
Instead I have a loop of selection : Logged in user’s > Group > User OR Post > Post OR Group… and so on.

Thanks for your help !!

Hi @LucasCaslu ,

To update many-to-many relationship, use update action.

So, after create action, follow them with update action, and in this update action choose add to field’s name.