Property not appearing in collection glitch

Hey, I am trying to make this property of multiple users show up in the collection but when using it as a contingency for whether or not a link goes through it doesn’t work at all. here are some screenshots showing what i mean. In the mean time i settle for creating a text property of all the user emails for each collection but I don’t reckon this will pan out well if there are many users involved at scale.

If the image or my explanation is unclear please ask me to clarify.

Thank you,

Hi @sami,

When you add a Multiple Relationship property you can’t add when creating the record. You need to create the record ( filling other properties ) and Save and then once you come back to the collection view click on the newly created record and then you will see that Many to Many relationship and you can add Users! Same when using a Create action that you need a Update action!

Thank you

Hey thank you i noticed that but the link still doesnt recognise any users inside when i tested it at all. I set the link to only work if the collecion->users->all contains logged in user and it never works

Means it’s not going but you are in the relationship property and the condition is correct?

A video showing the setup and the preview will be great to understand! ( You can use Loom )

I took a video, how do i upload it or can i send it to you by email?

You can upload it to your Google Drive Account and make it public and send the URL! or you can send video to this email! :

Thank you i just sent you an email at “

please confirm if you have received it