Updating property record of User collection

Hi all,
I have a task management app. My goal is that, a user can create a new Team (I have a form which works well), and then on a new screen1 add a member (another user) to that team. One the new screen1 a user use dropdown menu to select the Team name, then clicking the “add new button” goes to a new screen2 to add users.
I have two Collections: Users, Teams. Relationship is many to many. My goal is to create an action button, so that when a user name from selected on screen2 dropdown and button clicked, the name of the selected Team on screen1 be added to the User collection under Team column for the selected user. i.e. I need an action for the button on screen2 to update the the selected User’s Team column (the record in User collection).

I did some research but could not find a solution. Can you show directions or help how to do it. Thank you for your support.

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