Update a field to null?

Is there a way to do this? As best I can tell there’s no update action for setting a field’s value back to null once it has been set. This is the scenario I’m in if you want more context:

Ideally there would be an additional option on the menu there for “Null.”

I’ve added it as a feature request here.

I’ve been messing around with it since you posted and I’m stumped too. It’d be a great feature to reset a field or even a label (txt).

I stumbled across this as I wanted the same thing. I have a rough workaround for anyone else who lands here. In this instance I added a text field to one of the collections called ‘always_null’ which is never set. I can then update the field that I want to set to null by … setting it to user -> always_null. Ideally there is a cleaner way to do this in the future but it works for now!

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Excellent. This works

Found this thread a whole lot later running into the same problem.
What I ended up doing:

I have a separate screen (not linked in any way) with some text inputs that act as app level variables.
I added one ‘always null’ text input - which is empty.
I can recall that field in any action anywhere in the app.

This way I don’t have to add extra fields to the database itself.
Hope this helps someone that stumbles upon this post in the future!

Cheers, Steven

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I guess the None option would do the trick too? :eyes:


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Thanks! Didn’t know about that workaround.

That just feels… weird… haha
Setting a date type to a textfield. But whatever works.

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Thanks @dilon_perera. I have no idea how you remember all this, you should have somebody update the official help files with this stuff.
I consider this my greatest contribution to the forum.

Side note…Can you imagine the day when that menu has an arrow to your collections and relationships.

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This one right? :


I guess it’s there since Adalo released!


Not quite what I meant.

I meant date picker then…

Logged in User
Current Trip

Sorry for confusing things.

Hmm… I feel like I didn’t get it :eyes: You mean that section?