Update formula stopped working

I have a submit button that has an Update action that leads to a leaderboard. I have a Total Value field with the update formula as:

Total Value + New Value

and I have tried it as:

Sum Values

It used to work but now it is leaving that field in the database as empty. The formula works elsewhere when I have it as part of text (Total Value: Sum Values) and not added to the database.

Any suggestions what may be going wrong or if something is glitching?

I have also noticed I developed this off a clone and suddenly the clone database fields that I removed had reappeared.

Hello, please provide an image of the configuration for the button and the formula.

Thank you!

Please find the database and button configuration. Thank you!
Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 07.52.30

I seem to be hitting a similar issue with a custom filter - if I put a hardcoded number into the custom filter it works, but as soon as I add a magic text the custom filter does not work.

It seems to be whenever there is a magic text it is not linking despite the databases being linked.