SUM not working for visibility condition


I have an issue with the SUM value in the database, the filters don’t seem to work, in the example there are two records in a DB collection for year 2022 week 14 with a sum value of 3.98 (2 x 1.99):

However, when i use the SUM in a visibility of a text element, the filters dont seem to work, and instead SUMs up all the records not just the ones in the filter:

This should not display as the sum is less than 5, but it does!!!..Any ideas what i am doing wrong?


I believe your issue is that you are using OR filters instead of AND.

Try setting the filters with AND. Condition X AND Condition Y.

Hi, Thank you for the response… but it doesn’t give me the option to chose AND or OR when press the “add another filter” hyperlink on a visibility filter.

Any other ideas, i am stuck?

Hi Joe,

Does that two records belongs to the currently Logged in user ( The user that you are viewing the app )? Because your filter has Logged in user’s>Orders>OrderValue>SUM.

Thank you

Hi, yes all three records are for the same user (the logged in user), however only two records are for week 14 (the filter)

It shows the correct value in magic text with the filters, but not when as a visibility filter, so i am now thinking that it is an actual bug in Adalo?

Try deleting the button and refresh the tab and add the button again and add the condition and see if you still see this issue! If it is the best would be Submitting a support ticket!

Hi Joe

I am facing the same exact issue spent 48hrs trying to resolve to no avail. I agree the issue nust be an Adalo AI issue. The sane filter requirement display the Sum in magic text but not in the sometimes visible parameter even although it is an option.

I submitted ticket yesterday the Adalo engineers needs to zero in on this asap.

I tried a work around putting a text input and setting the default value (magic text) to the sum with the filters. Adalo works out and displays the correct sum. I then attempted to set the sometimes view to display if it was equal to the total I wanted the sum to match. But that wouldnt work for my senario as I meed the requirement to be if the input (sum) s greater or equal t display the button. But unfortunately that option is not available in my workaround.

If anyone wants the button display if its equal or not equal only. That workaround would work.

But for both of us Joe. Adalo needs to fix the filter.

Did yiu ever submit that ticket though? If so what did they tell you?