Update function not working

I am building an app, wherein I want that if a user signs up, his User/Not User property should be set to “True”. It was working fine initially, but now it’s not updating. Also not linking to the next screen.
A user entry is being created into the User Collection but none of the desired actions are happening.

Attaching the actions on submit button

Hi @Nitish,

Add this property in the automatically section on the Signup form and remove the Update action and try again!


What happens if you delete the Link action and add it again?

Not sure why this is happening suddenly! It would be good to Submitting a support ticket too!

Thank you

Hey @dilon_perera thanks !

Setting the User/Not User property to automatic section worked

Also for the Link issue, I deleted entire form and recreated it. Now its working fine

Though one more issue is, within the Update action, I also need to update OTP with the use of RAND() function. How do I do that ?

Your Welcome!



You can add that also in the automatically section and fill that with the RAND function!

Thank you so much @dilon_perera, you have been of great help !
It’s working as required now

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Hey @dilon_perera one more query I had.

I am having a similar problem at one more point in my app

I am having a logic wherein a gym owner can add multiple gym members.
So as you can see in the screenshot, when the gym owner enters a mobile number he’s shown a list of available users and when he selects that he can enter their details like fees, start date and end date.
This data is added in a Membership collection, and that working absolutely fine.

Now, I also want to update against the user, the name of Registered Gym (i.e name of logged In User in this case). So, I have used update function to do so. However this is not working. I am getting an error

In your Update action what property that you are updating ( for which property you are adding the logged in user > registered gym name ) Is it possible to add a screenshot of that and the Database?

Hi @dilon_perera
I’ll show you stepwise what’s happening:

  1. When the user enters details, a new entry is created in the Membership Collection. This is working fine

  2. At the same time, for the Current User I want to update Registered Gym Name as the Logged In Users Gym Name. This is showing an error

And, this is the database :

I think that you changed the properties that already created by Adalo? Maybe that could be the issue.

And also check whether if you have reached the storage limit if you are in the Free Plan.

And you can give me access for your app and I’ll see what’s the issue! You can send me a DM!

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