Update User Trigger not working

Hey All,

Why would some of my Update User triggers work when I click a button but some don’t?

I am trying to update a value in the user’s records but they just don’t seem to be changing from “0”.

To test I made another Update User trigger which changes the name of the user and that works perfectly fine. Im so confused why one trigger is working but the other isnt???



Will need some screenshots of the database and actions to help you out…

Two collections:

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 2.13.31 pm

Properties to User

Properties to Session

Database for User (Total hours and Amount Owed)

Actions of button ( the one that is meant to trigger the updates to the user )

The first User Update is changing the name
The second is changing the Clocked on status

The one that does work is the third one which is adding +1 to the amount owed

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 2.14.43 pm

I just don’t get why one is working but the other isnt

Sorry to be a pain but can you expand the update action that isn’t working and show me what’s in the Amount Owed field

Not a pain at all, I am grateful for the help.

The expanded trigger is bellow ( two photos )

You need to define what +1 is being added on to. So before the +1, add magic text to what will be increasing by 1

Thank you so much

Also, try updating as many properties together and “seperate” as possible. Your app will run really slow if you’ve got a massive bunch of actions on a single element. If you’ve got a whole bunch of IF actions running for different user types, it may be better for performance to create different buttons for different usertypes, add the actions they require then hide/show the buttons with visibility rules based on which user they are.

That way the users aren’t waiting 5+ seconds for something to happen after the button has been pressed and the system needs to run through all the actions.

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