Can't UPDATE function by Click action

Hello, I’m sorry for the beginner’s question.

Like the image,
Install a button to update the ID and skip with a link,
I created it so that the ID is issued after skipping that button, but it doesn’t work.
The ID doesn’t seem to be updated.
I would appreciate it if you could teach me.

thank you.

Hi @fumiokun,

It is difficult to identify the problem without having a look at all the app, but as for me it seems that:

  • either the user is not logged in, when you’re getting to “New one” screen. How to check: add a label with Logged-in User → Email on this “New one” screen and see if it shows logged-in user email
  • or you are displaying incorrect label User ID (for example not logged-in user).

Best regards, Victor.

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