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Hiya, I was curious on how I would go about Updating Members from an Admin standpoint.

Say I’m a Motivate Coach with Students and I need to update some of their info on the Coaches end.

I’ve created my own custom form as the included form only allows you to update your own profile [Logged In User]

Any tips/ past solutions would be awesome to hear.

Thx much

Hi Tito,

You would need two screens. The first screen is a list of all the users in the app, then for the click action, you link to the 2nd screen, then in the forum, you would do “update current user”.

Awesome I thought so, so I might’ve missed something here?

When I hit update, it does something but the Data Table isn’t updated.

That should be good, but before the “Athlete Profile” Sreen, do you have a list of athletes? So when you press a athlete it goes to the profile screen then you can edit the CURRENT user.

Yup which works as expected.

So I should Edit in the Profile screen then? Not go to a 3rd screen yah?

Whatever you want, are you the admin viewing the screen? Because when you click on their name on the list, you would probably want to see their details, then IF you want there is a button the go to the 3rd screen to edit the athlete profile.

Ok great, so I can leave it this way, so the issue is it’s not updating the record… hmmm

What is the link action the list?


Is that for the list of athletes?

THat goes back to the Athlete Profile page

Sent a DM, let me know if you can.

So this might be a bug? When I went back to double check the Data Collection which I’m trying to update, it only showed the Collection it has a relationship with [Teams]

Edit, tested this and yes it did update the [Teams] Collection :thinking:

No bug, here, found the user error. Be sure to name your connections accordingly. Forms work by screen by default and I didn’t realize this because I duplicated the form components and didn’t rename them. Lesson learnt!

Also when I updated the User Collection to “Member” the name changed didn’t reflect in the Relationship.

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Ok, good! I was about to start making a cloneable kit. :wink:

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