Update multiple current users at the same time

hi all, happy good friday. just that question, really appreciate it if anybody can help. im trying to figure out if its possible to update multiple current users at the same time. if so, how is it done?

thank you

Hi @Los2022,

There are several options for that:

  1. Use countdown timer. Here is the video I’ve created some time ago: Adalo hints: how to "mass update" records in the collection with the help of countdown timer - YouTube.
    Please note - this approach will work with small record set (5…15), but for larger lists it will take quite a bit of time to execute and there could be some mistakes (example: for ~100 records an update takes around 50-80 seconds).
  2. Use some 3rd party platforms like Integromat (Make). The scenario could look like:
  • webhook listening to an event, call a custom action from Adalo to invoke the scenario run
  • Adalo List Records module - listing all users
  • filter before the next module (what records you’d like to update)
  • Adalo Update Record module - updating user record based on RecordID from the List Users module.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you Victor, i appreciate it so much.

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