Automatically updating records at specific times

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Is there an efficient way to automatically update a user record at the end of every month? the property I want updated is a number property and I want to take away a specific amount (the same amount every month) from this property, at the end of every month, automatically.

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Hi @sami ,

If you want your users to update their record by themselves, you could have button with visibility according to the date time specified.

If you want an automatic update, you could use automation tools and connect to Adalo database API.

If you want your admin to do the updates, they can open at that specified time and run a front end workflow which is make list of countdown and do action on finished, this will stimulate the actions as if user push that button.

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Ok so the only way to make the app automatically update a collection without any human intervention is to attatch a custom api document to the collection i want to automaitcally update?

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Perhaps you can use interaction with Adalo and timer, but I don’t know if it’s really possible without any human intervention

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Hi am currently still testing Bulk update via API, but Adalo is having some issues, I get a lot of heroku cdn timeouts on Adalo’s side, so Adalo is not handling well bulk update requests (Hits a rate limit or server timeout I assume), so I trying to see if I find a balance to it, so still in the testing process.

Make/Integromat is a good option, but I am afraid same timeouts will occur since issue is on Adalo’s side.

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