Update Record is only updating part of the data

I have a fairly simple journal database in my app. The user can have many journal entries. Each entry belongs to only one user.

There are 4 screens:

  • My Journal screen lists all of the current users entries. It includes links to view individual entries, delete individual entries, and create a new entry. All of that works great.
  • Create Entry screen does just that and works great.
  • View Entry screen does just that and works great. It includes an action button to edit the current journal entry.
  • Edit Entry screen includes a form with the current entry title and body. They can edit these fields and click save to update their entry. The update process is set to update the title, text, and a field with the date and time of the most recent update.

The problem is that the update is only partially working. It saves the Updated Date/Time, but is not updating the Title or Text of the entry. I’ve tried setting this up a dozen different ways. I cannot figure out why it’s not working. Can you please help?

Screenshots of everything I can think may help:

The issue here is that in your update action for “Current Journal” you are updating it to the current title and current entry of the record itself. Instead of updating it based on the text input fields for those fields.

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Thank you. I found the correct source for the data! I can’t believe I missed the “Form Inputs” this whole time. Thanks again.