How to update records

I found some help tutorials similar but not for this simple scenario.

I simply want to be able to Edit a record.

I thought I’d just have a button labelled Edit on my record display screen, and nominate for the button to push that data to the corresponding form screen. Then an Update button on the display screen.

I’ve not yet been able to get it to work.


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@herbshirt You cannot link to the Event Create screen to update the current event:

  1. Duplicate the Event Create Screen to a new Event Edit Screen. (press ALT/Option and Drag&Drop the screen on the canvas)
  2. Link the action for the Edit button to the new screen.
  3. Change the Form from Create Event to Update Current Event

Thanks @karimoo. Worked straight away.

@herbshirt and @karimoo: thanks for this, but on my screen, when I select the collection I want to edit, the update option does not appear. Only create. :grimacing:

Can’ t say what is the problem based on the screenshot.
Click on the screen name on the canvas and check:

@karimoo Thanks, your point helped me solve the issue! :pray:

Do the option “Update Current” is allowed for the Free Plan?
I can find it, i can only Create.

Yes, it works on the free plan.

Thanks, but why I can not see it? :thinking:

Hi @eugenio ,

Is there previous screen that contain list that call this screen ?

To have update function in the form, the current screen need to have available data, which is from previous screen.

Previous screen usually contain list and have action link to current screen.

You need to establish the link first. (same goes with delete)

For create, you don’t have to.

Thank you, i made it, but i have an other problem. Its not showing me all the fields, at least the ones I want to update * Name and * Precio

Thanks in advance!

Choose the same collection.

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This was super helpful. Having one problem with the record udpate. I have the option to add a photo to the record. It allows for a change photo but not how to delete the photo. Tried adding an icon with an action but that doesn’t work. Thoughts?

Hi @jlanyontx ,

Take a look at this post,

after a while I use app setting to replace the photo with another one such as image placeholder.

You can check about app setting here,