Display relationship field value in item details?

I’m making a screen that displays the details of a selected field - is there a way to display the value of a relationship field?

Yes, you can. But if you’re facing any problems, you might want to check if the screen that you want to display the relationship data on has the “Current” data

Hey Vance -

Thanks for helping out. Still not sure where I’m messing up. When I try to add the data from the relationship field, it shows up as item at the bottom of the menu - but following it, I don’t see where I can add the value of the field (the menu keeps repeating itself).

Quick question: Why do you have 2 statuses?

  1. Current Shift > Status
  2. Current Shift > Shift Status

You might have to rethink the collection’s structure…

Yeah - as I was starting with this, I created a field “Status” that was a just a text field. Learning a little bit more, I thought it may be best to create a relationship between the “Shift” collection and a “Status” collection.

Reason for moving the “Status” to being its own collection was to be able to use it as a dropdown while creating a new shift.

Can you check if your “Shift” and “Shift Status” collections have a many-to-1 relationship?

1 Shift Status can have many Shifts attached to it, but 1 Shift can only have 1 Shift Status at a time.

I suspect it’s the relationship settings. It looks like you’ve set either a 1-to-many or many-to-many relationship between Shift and Shift Status that’s why there’s a count option.

you are correct - changed the relationship settings, and it performed as expected. Thanks!

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