Update Relationship value on click Action

Hi, I have a Task collection, that has a relation field to a Status collection in the database.

When I click on a button, I wan’t to change status of the current Task by a using Click Action > Update Task. But it’s not possible to update the status, I have no options for that in the dropdown. How can I solve this?

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The relationship is a One to Many right? Instead of updating Current Task you can update Current Task > Status. But in there what you want to update? The Name or a relationship? If it is for other tasks also it will change. Does a task contains with a individual record in the status collection? Then no problem!

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Hi @dilon_perera and thanks :slight_smile: Its Many to one, Multiple Tasks can have the same status (see attached screenshot from database). I just wan’t to change the status relationship for a specifik task, in this case, change status from “PLANNED” to “ON GOING”, but I can’t find a way to do that using Click Action > Update Task. There is no way to set the current task status to a new status?

@svpa82, check this out! : tasks & status.mp4 - Google Drive

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What a smart solution, that worked perfect @dilon_perera :raised_hands: Thank you so much for you help :star:

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