Update User after Signup

Hello AdaloCommunity,

I am Expericing A new issue, I Use @Boglex Method to signup and login with Phone
But i Try to Update User Profile once he signed up and this before he reachs Home Screen, I can’t. This one cannot be Updated, I tried Many Things like Permissions and else, Nothing Is happening… So USER didnot get Pic profil, Town and so on.

At The same, When i Close Previewer et reload it… i Can update. But I cannot tell My client to close App and reload it, It sounds weird. Any Helps?

Hi @Stigfingers,

Could you show your setup and preview from a video? ( You can use Loom )

If you are unable to you can give access for this email ( pereradilon24@gmail.com ) and I’ll take a look and reply here!

Thank you

Hello @dilon_perera and thanks for reply here my video issue

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