Updates in the app

I am using webview component with a youtube link that will be changed every where. because we’ll be streaming live videos and so the link will be different every week.

Now I am wondering if that will be a problem after the app is pushed to app stores (apple, google)?
I don’t need to update the app every week right? That wouldnt make sense.

But the link to the youtube isn’t in the database. I just copy the link directly into the webview component.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @hellonewuser,

If you just paste the URL in the web view component you need to release a update and the user needs to update the app to check the new video!

But you can stop this using the database! You can create a collection as YouTube URL and create a text property as URL to store the URL and you can make the web view component a list by clicking on the three dots and then connect it to the created collection and add current YouTube URL’s > URL from magic text in the web view component.

Then for update the URL you can update it in the database instead of updating in the web view component!

Thank you

Thanks a lot!

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You can also use Bitly or an another link shortener.

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