Youtube Player Not Updating

I have the Youtube player on my web app from the marketplace. I want users to be able to update the Youtube link on their profile, however I cannot get the Youtube player to show the Youtube video from the URL using magictext. If I manually put in the URL to the player, then it works, but it will not read the URL using magic text. See the video here: Youtube URL Not Updating.mp4 - Droplr

Does anyone have any insight on how to get this working correctly?


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Use the embedded version of the video link.

Thanks, but I am trying to make it as easy as possible on the users, so they don’t have to go searching for the embed link and can just use the video URL. Like I said, it works great if I manually put in the URL of the video, but it won’t take it when it tries to grab the URL from the magictext.

Hi @thinkenvy :wave:

Yes happened to me also. But you can do like this.
Add a new screen and add the Youtube component and link the save button to that new screen after the update action and try. Works for me.Or you can do what Jacob said.

Thank you

I actually just made a custom action to have them normal youtube URL convert to an embed URL, but it still does not update with magictext, using either URL.

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