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So my question is for Adalo Team… The app builder is great but it has so much more potential. I don’t know exactly how long it has been out but it seems to be the starting stages. It has alot of features that could easily make things better. There are approximately 800 - 1000 feature and component requests that people are recommending but it seems nothing but maybe 10 are being worked on. The whole time I have been on here I haven’t seen any major updates, alot of people are having problems with different things. There is 1 feature that’s the AND/OR for filtering but items but some people like myself don’t currently have a use for that. So my question here is are we going to get a big update here soon or is there going to be a change every few months? I don’t mean to seem like a ahole but I just think we need this. There is so much potential that I have seen on other builders that would make this builder awesome.



Most of the TOP canny.io feature and component requests have a solution on the site. The site was brought online less than 3 months ago so we are still working out all the kinks but if you want, have a look. If something is missing, reach out.


Hey there! I would definitely consider ourselves a startup. We are about two years old. We’ve definitely got a lot of improvements to make, but I think we’ve come a long way in the short amount of time. Our dev team is growing, too. We just hired a VP of Engineering that came from Squarespace, so I’m excited to see where he leads us.

As to updates, what specifically are you needing?


I’ll start because why not.

  • Subscriptions (You may be a startup, but this is super necessary for your product - much younger competitors have this already baked)
  • No duplicate usernames
  • Accessible Record ID’s
  • Deep linking
  • Pre-load content
  • Alignment features (center align, space grouped objects evenly)
  • Ability to link color hex selections to collections (super easy)
  • Gradients - it’s 2022 and gradients ups all app branding by like 10 style points, haha
  • Not having the back button that takes 5 seconds to work
  • Versioning
  • Re-usable components - Change one, changes all across screens.
  • Custom Icons and truly custom fonts
  • Analytics that actually work
  • Firebase integration

Needless to say, our app’s needs have outgrown Adalo’s capabilities and we’re halfway out the door because of so.


I agree. I think Adalo is early. I think the people that are having the most success with Adalo have a bit more tech / programming experience. They are early adapters; by definition, they are more tolerant of bugs that are bound to come with a new & complex product. Late adopters, or people that just want everything to work, are anxiously waiting.

I’ve been trying to empathize with Adalo staff, & newbies (like myself) in order to suggest better, more productive outcomes for both parties. I am not suggesting that these are the correct solutions. But, perhaps Adalo staff can marinate on what they can do to bring newbies “up-to-speed”

  1. I get the sense that there are solutions for many of the areas I get stuck on. However, I need to use the forum, which kills a lot of time. Or, I need to do some deep searching, & lots of fast-forwarding through videos, just to see if I can find an answer. (I am thinking to myself, why don’t I just learn to code)

Sometimes, I get / see / read solutions that are over my head as far as comprehension. Mostly because I don’t know what I am doing. Partly, because I don’t know if something is a bug, a work-around / hack, or I am just not capable. This may cause Adalo to be loosing people unnecessarily.

  1. After contacting a half dozen experts, I haven’t gotten a response, or the response has been, quite frankly, lame. And this reflects badly, like it or not, on Adalo. I understand Adalo is new, and perhaps, understaffed to take on such a big role in the help department. But, I would think Adalo would want to focus on the inexperienced users more, in a more personal way (not so much in the forum) so they can learn more, and improve the product, faster. Just my opinion.

  2. I think the number of feature requests are near limitless, as this posts suggests. If I were Adalo, I would focus on making few features, better, more polished, easy to build, with the best experience for your users’ users. I know Adalo is reaching for the stars early. But, taming it down in the short-term might be an advantage in the long-term. Win battles before trying to win the war.

  3. I think it would help newbies & Adalo more if, the right question was asked. Instead of newbies asking, how do I do this? How do I do that?.. it might might (just thinking here) be better if the question was asked, “What are you trying to do?” (what is the out-come you are trying to achieve.) Then, experts could answer more efficiently.

  4. I can totally see how Adalo could be over-whelmed with people wanting help. and “basically build the app for them”… I totally get that. Trying to think of a better way here,… What if help was gamified (for lack of better terms) similar to this forum. Meaning, newbies need to prove to Adalo staff that they have grasped certain concepts, before Adalo is willing to help get them to the next level (so to speak). Adalo staff deserves to know that their users are committed to learning. And brave, willing newbies deserve better help. example: Newbie needs to demonstrate that they have mastered lists, forms, and basic database concepts. Then, and only then, will Adalo staff help with conditionals; to keep new users progressing, and not dropping off.

Anyway, these were just a few high-level suggestions. As, I can empathize with Adalo’s situation. Yet, I too, like some others, are feeling a bit frustrated. I think both sides are aware, and we are both “missing” each other. Thanks for your hard work, Adalo!


I love that idea, I have been playing around with building better primitives like buttons that don’t default to spinning and can be resized, and some other basics around text inputs, switches, etc… I think this idea puts it on the list of things to bang out.

Also, if you need a hand or have questions about direction with your next gen feel free to reach out.

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We launched the PF Adalo server on November 7th and it has gone through 4 weeks of shutdown. In the 2 active months we have build IAP, Audio recording, Social sharing, Real-time driver tracking, charts, scanners, GPS location, deep links, multi-language, biometrics, and much more. We are getting the rich text, chargebee, stripe, and more going very soon. Albeit our components are not problem free, but we support however we can and fix/adjust based on feedback.

Now, PragmaFlow has not been in business too long, we have only filed our first year end last October. As a company, Adalo is a small piece of the pie, but we believe it will become a nice offering in our portfolio. We also see a user-base that we feel could use our help, and we honestly like helping out.

I put a quick chart together about our companies breakdown to show the scale of Adalo in our world. Obviously the Adalo slice would be larger if we actually charged for most of our services.

Why am I saying this? Everything on our marketplace was built in my free time over the last few months. I have 3 children 5 and under. 2 of then have autism. I run my own company with employees. I do not have very much free time but I managed to bang out some pretty cool components. The components I build have restrictions on them about what I can and cannot publish so I cannot build them as awesome as they could actually be because of the limitations. I have offered my services, free of charge, to Adalo to fix some of the critical and non-critical issues on several occasions. The offer has been passed on.

All that to say, if I can build everything I built in some spare time I cannot see why Adalo cannot do some of the things with a full-time staff being paid to do it.

I truly hope Adalo finds a rhythm of releasing components based on user feedback.

Cheering for Adalo, here for support if needed.


after-thought / suggestion:

Make Adalo 2 products, or two-tiered

  1. Extremely basic. with lists, forms, database, a few conditions, & ability for email “notifications” (built in). PWA only. That’s it. Make it hyper polished with Insanely good support. Good for newbies & testing ideas extremely quickly, easily, and cheaply. When newbies ship and FEEL proud, then it should be an easy upsell. Gives Adalo some sort of cash-flow with minimal problems.

  2. The Adalo you are trying to build… All the bells and 3rd party whistles.

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So I allowed a few other people who have the opinion the same as mine speak first because I don’t want to persuade anyone on their own opinion. I have used a website called kodular.io which is open source and 100% free for app building and it has components that are changeable at all aspects . If it wasn’t for the fact that I cannot use it to publish to the apple store then I would not be on Adalo today. Something as simple as accessing a database on a page that is not linked to a list is completely absurd. On there I literally enter the api, base name, and grid and I can access the database at airtable with no problems. But with adalo it seems as if they are only looking at their pockets instead of thee problem otherwise the database wouldn’t be limited to 50 rows and airtable would be an option. Another thing is properties. Each component should have a list of properties for that item. Let’s talk gradient. Ok yall don’t want to add gradients as a property, cool, add a image property to the button to where we can add a gradient image to the button and that resolves that problem. I will post a list of all the components that are available on the free app builder I use and maybe that would help to see what is possible. We can’t even use horizontal and vertical layouts , scroll layouts , or grid layouts in order to make the app look better. If you do or don’t group items, once published then it will shift everything wrong, I can provide this image as well. It’s basically just a shell and a few options for the most basic app which we can do anywhere for free instead of now a $40 a month price tag. And what could be achieved in a few hours , and the money your making along with sponsors and everything else, I don’t see a reason we can’t have a working and app that actually looks like something with features that nobody else can provide. Yall want to make money, well give us a reason to spend that money. The stripe components are horrible. There is no properties on it except how much and connecting it. Then once you do connect it if you look at stripe it just gives the card they used. Who is they? Which card belongs to who? There’s no name, email, nothing. Like everything is just basic. @jessehaywood

My team just complained about this to me (well, complain is probably the wrong word), so I spend the 10 minutes to build this which will save them a LOT of time apparently.


@jessehaywood have yall came to a consideration? We haven’t recieved feedback, multiple people have commented on this and nobody on Adalo has shared their thoughts. So I’m just trying to see what the next steps are based on our input and how Adalo would like to resolve these requests…

There is a lot to unpack here, and I do not think at this moment I can fully unpack it, nor do I think right now in this thread is the proper time and place. But I hear your feedback, and I stand as mediator between our community and our leadership. The concerns of our community have been communicated from me, with passion. I will do my best to give some input that I hope clarifies some things.

We have done a poor job at communicating. This has been raised internally, acknowledged and is now being addressed.

As stated in another thread, we are releasing a changelog soon to showcase updates and feature releases. I think we are backlogging this to the beginning of December.

We are also going to do a long form community update showcasing hiring updates, notable releases, what our team is currently working on, notable bug fixes, average ticket response time, etc. I’m not the expert in any of these areas, hence why I don’t feel capable of responding to everything brought up in this thread. What I’m good at is communicating with the proper channels and then aggregating information. That’s what I will be doing with this monthly update.

I’ll also be bringing Town Halls back. We will receive questions from our community, and once again, I will communicate internally to get these questions answered, I’ll then aggregate that information, and record it in video format and then distribute to y’all.

Additionally, our founder David is going to be releasing a statement about what we’ve been doing and where we are going. I think it will help clarify a lot that has been brought up by our community, specifically in this thread. I’m not sure the date of that statement, but I believe it to be soon.

My background is not app development, but ecommerce. So I draw a lot of my insights from that. Based on my little time here, I liken Adalo to early Shopify. Shopify does not aim to be all things for all people. What they have done is build a hub of technology that can then be built upon further. Shopify right out of the box is fine, and you can build a decent sales channel through it, but it doesn’t do everything. And it’s actually awful to design on, unlike Adalo. And that is perfectly ok. Because the beauty of what they have built is that really smart people, and really talented designers, can build upon Shopify and make it do some crazy awesome things. I’ve made a lot of money off of ecommerce, and it was made possible because of the ecosystem that I was able to draw from. Rarely did I use the internal tools. Almost everything I used came from a theme and apps. Adalo is going in a similar direction, because that’s what will help our makers the most. We are releasing our updated component marketplace soon. It’s probably the release I’m most excited about. It’s going to open up the door for people to do similar things to the Shopify apps marketplace. Through this channel, I believe people will build exactly what you need. It will free our team up to prioritize things that only they can work on like speed, etc.

The Shopify analogy is a pretty unofficial analysis from me, but I think it’s pretty close to the direction we are headed.

As stated earlier, the statement from our founder will hopefully clarify a lot of things, and if not, you will be able to submit questions and get responses at the Town Halls.

I wish I could just go line by line and offer answers to everything everybody wants to know, but hopefully what I’ve said is somewhat clarifying.


I hope to bring balance here.

Most visual tools like the above screenshots have a purpose to summarize coded functions into something that can easily be applied easily and portable, because they are basically coded functions.

What engine would do is different, it interprets instructions saved in database and translate it into actions that are heavily altering another database and give other instructions at front end to show or do what are needed for users.

The multiple layers needed to function properly need a breakthrough, so when it comes to get more delay in conforming to standards, maybe it is time to create new standards or choose another layers that are willing to create new standards.

The potential and possibility have been proven by the active users whether they get issues or not, so probably it needs more rocket scientists that have strong dislike of rock n roll artists. :smiley:


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