A Button that gives the Record Id

My team was making SMS verification and was complaining about needing to filter the entire collection table to find the record to update. Also, a sports enthusiast posted the same thing on the forum today.

So, I whipped up a quick component that will let you get the record id of an item when the button is clicked on.

Installed it from adalo.pragmaflowservers.com/install-component and use it for your custom actions today and save a whole bunch of work.


This is crazy awesome! Brilliant work!

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Thanks a lot for the component !

DO you know why I get that message ?

missing component

Thanks a lot !

I don’t think anyone’s monitoring this thread anymore @TKOTC @Mitch-Pragmaflow but I get same error as Chrl: Missing component.

Edit: Reinstalled it and now is working. Sorry for the for the false alarm… Although if Pragmaflow are listening, it would be great if button could be updated to be styled… :slight_smile:


@paulh this is a change that would be a great practice exercise (as far as components go).

If you have any inclination, I would recommend giving it a try.

We’re slowly making fixes but we do this in our spare time so whatever you can do, you will get right away.