Updating quantity after purchase

Hello everyone.

I have an issue updating a products quantity after purchase , I have my data base set up like this, an a user can make an order and an order has order items and order items has different products that has been selected

I have a list of the products of the order items and once clicked it does update the quantity back to where it was but if a user closes the app the quantity is rested but the products weren’t purchased

That’s why I wanted to do it after the purchase in the submit button of the stripe payment component but I can’t find the answer

Any suggestions?

@Ben I see that you have a lot experienc, could you help out?

@Victor @NoCodeNinja

Hi Jose,

I think this is what you originally scheduled time on my calendar to talk about!

When the user crates an order, you should have the status as draft or unpaid until the order is complete. When the payment goes through, on the confirmation screen you can subtract the order quantity and make the order as complete or paid.

Hopefully that helps.

I didn’t cancel it perhaps on accident if you can I still can.