🐒 Upgraded App Preview | New Feature from NoCode Monkey

New Feature Added. Change the Background color to match your app*

Hey everyone!

Big announcement! You can now test out your app on our website.
Go to nocodemonkey.io/app-preview

You can see your app in multiple views and interact with it!!!

Device Detector (34)

Look at your app in three different views.
Just copy the back end of your “Share” link.


Also, you can easily try out all our components!!
Device Detector (33)

Hi Michael! This is really cool! Will there be a way to save our “Screen Mockup” as an image? Should be very useful for those who wants more dynamic Screenshots for their apps without a 3rd party software


Possibly in a 2.0 version.
We were too excited to share it with everyone so we didn’t want to wait.

Definitely send us your suggestions on how to improve it.


@Michael ,

Frankly, @Eugen has said, what I wanted to say. :slight_smile:

This can definitely be improved to have screen mockups for like play store displays etc.

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Thanks @scientist and @Eugen
This has gone on the to-do list.