Upload mp4 videos to landing page

Hi, I’m trying to upload a video to the landing page, which automatically plays in the background. What’s the best way to do this? The file is on my hard drive in mp4 format.

If there is no way to do this, is it possible to create an automated carousel for that same landing page?

I’m not a technical person in slightest, so please explain as plainly as possible. Thanks!

You can use the Plyr video component.

I’ve tried that but I get stuck when it’s time to actually upload the vid. I don’t know what link to use when it prompts for a URL of the vid. Do you know how to create the needed URL for a vid? Thanks!

You can try uploading the video to Youtube. Set it as “Access to anyone with the link” if you don’t want it to be visible publicly.

Alt: try a software like Vimeo

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Thanks - I was trying to avoid YT bc it doesn’t retain the quality but i may have to settle.

@firozkhanuk1214_1 if you know how to create a URL from videos on a laptop for Plyr video, I would love to see the instructions. Thank you!

Try uploading to Google Drive/Dropbox.
Then, generate the link via one of these links:

Hi Tito,

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You can upload that video on your Dropbox account and get the URL and paste it in the Plyr Video component Video URL field and then you can turn on the Auto play and Loop from the Options section of the component to auto play the video and continue display the same video.

Here’s a video by Nathan.

How I did it. But same as Nathan did.

Thank you

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