Difficulty adding a video to my app

Hi All,

Would appreciate if someone could offer me some advice. I’m trying to add a video (mp4) to my app, using dropbox and Plyr Video - but having difficulty doing so.

Having stored the video in dropbox, I right click share (using dropbox), and obtain a Copy Link. I paste this link under Plyr Videos Video File URL(s) space. I then edit the address, removing the “www” portion and replace with "dl ", and also remove anything after the mp4 part of the address (See below for example)

(ie Dropbox - WhatsApp Video 2023-11-09 at 21.08.00.mp4 - Simplify your life



However it doesnt play the video. Is there something that I am doing wrong, or is there another way of doing it without using Youtube component?


I can’t be sure but I suspect dropbox is blocking you from sharing the video outside of their system.

I would expect you need to use a dedicated streaming or file serving host. PLYR component + Amazon S3 Youtube Video

When I visit your link…

Thank you!

Any free streaming or file serving host that you can recommend?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry no. I would only be googling it msyelf. Good luck :+1:

Hi @Roland did you figured out how to solve the problem, my videos has stoped playing too.
Note: im a PRO plan user of Dropbox.


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