Uploading Multiple image at once using make.com scenarios

Hi Adalo community!
Since Adalo does not have the component that enable this functionality of uploading Multiple Images at once, I tried doing so using make.com, where I created a scenario with Google Drive and Adalo as modules for my scenario. Although this seem to work, I am running in error from my Google Drive Module

Erro Image

May I also be assisted what is RecordID and how can one get it

Scenario Image

My plan is, if a user uploads multiple images to their Google Drive the Scenario I created with https://eu1.make.com will Auto upload all images to my adalo app.

Anyone to please kindly help me out?

Where is the webhook coming from, and can you show the webhook input here?

Hi @theadaloguy ,
Sorry I think I used the webhook where I wasn’t supposed to use it , but all did was setting a custom action to "Submit Button " of my form for creating an image.

@theadaloguy can you kindly help me out please?

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