Multi-select image-picker

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Does anyone know if this feature is on the roadmap?
It would be a great feature to let users simply select and upload multiple photos/images at the same time, instead of creating a separate screen and having them upload one by one.


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not this point but you can request it here or you can contact people like @gskachkov to try to make you a custom component to do that


I think it is something you should create yourself. Or yes, as a person suggested above, you can write to a special form and leave a request for developers.

In case if you will decide to create a script yourself, please ping me. Also, if you need some images to test, there is a good online library I personally use myself for my tests as well: I think it might be useful

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Uploading multiple photos at once is an expected feature for most users. It is killing me and my users that this isn’t something that already exists in Adalo, or at least a feature coming. Can someone make this happen? If it’s been done, please point me to the component. Thanks!

" Multi-Image Picker" component was recently added to the store by Nocodemonkey
@Wonderbot give it a try

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Is it a component

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I used the multi-image picker and when I try to publish in Android, it gives me an error. I can only publish if I dont have it. Asked for support from NoCode monkey but nothing has happened so far in terms of a solution. Frustrating since this is the only thing that is stopping me from launching.

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Thanks for sharing this link mate: - . as I found this very useful and informative. I am surely gonna bookmark this one.

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@warnaka, there’s no issues! I have a app using this component and no issue for now! If you like you can send me a DM