Upload PDF fillable forms for users to complete and save in record


I’m new to Adalo and I am creating an onboarding app for HR which includes a ton of PDF forms and documents to view and sign off. Is there a way to make the fillable PDFs available for each user and enable them to complete the form and have the option to save the completed form and download it. Not sure if I’m over thinking this but I can’t seem to make the option work. The fillable PDFs are in a Google drive folder. My other thought was upon each user signing in to the onboarding site, the blank PDFs would automatically be created in the record so the user can access it, complete it and then be able to use the above options. Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance for the assistance!

I dont think there is a way to do this natively in Adalo, but there may be a way with some API - I’m sure others who are more knowledgeable about this will chime in.

Thank you for the response! I looked into some of the API and the expense per month doesn’t justify the amount of use. In other words, we may only onboard a few new hires a couple of times a year

Yeah that’s understandable.

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