Updating partially completed forms

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New user at Adalo and loving it so far.

I have a question regarding the use of forms in a way that you can start off by creating it (so only the name is required in first instance) and then it gets created in a list. I then want users to be able to update does forms as times goes by.

Lets say a student must complete a monthly assignment for which he needs to upload multiple documents. At the beginning he names the assignment and creates it, and as he completes the documents he can load them up (not all at once, but as het completes them) and once they are al uploaded he can submit.

Currently every time I try to update the record, i get send to ‘creating a new form’ instead of updating the existing one.

Is this something that can be done with forms or do i need to use a workaround?

Hi @quitnen,

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For the form itself (Screen 2), select a form, then on the left panel select the “Form” section, and choose what would you like the form to do (create or update).

Hope that I understood your question correctly :slight_smile:


Hi Victor,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I kind of need it to do both. So it creates an entry the first time around. And than the user can go back to the same form that is partially created already and complete it before submitting it

Hi @quitnen,

It is possible to do it, of course.
Option one - you create a flow to create the “aanvraag” with one button (on one screen), and to access edit screen for an “aanvraag” with another button. This is the simple way. However, user can create several “aanvraags”.

If you’d like to create / edit from a single screen, and you would like to restrict a single “aanvraag” for a single person (at a time), then some conditional cases should be set up.

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