Upload Private App

So I’m creating an app for personal use, with no intention to upload it to the public at all. Is this possible do to for free? Or is a paid plan necessary?

If yes, how can I do this?

With kind regards, Cédric

You can just press share and only download it on your device. You dont have to share the link to the app with others or upload it to the Playstore / AppStore

But that’d gives me it online on my Internet app on my phone. Is it possible to literally download it to have it as an app?

I really never did that but i think if u like publish app it will give you a APK file that u can install on ur mobile device,

Yeah but that’s my point, I want to publish it but only for me (no public purposes), so my question is, can you publish it for free as an APK instead of buying a paid plan?

By pressing publishing app you dont “actually” publish the app to everyone, you will just get the APK file for yourself. And yes, you need a paid plan!

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