Permission issue with image uploads on android

Only some (not all) of my android users receive following error message when trying to use the image picker. According to them the app has all the requested authorization. Any idea what would be the issue / how to fix that?
Error: storage/… failed permission denied
Error: couldn’t get file path for foto

This is true for the native app, as well as when they use the browser on their phone…


Thinking about it… would those be the error messages when the upload has not yet been finished ? If so, any way to catch his?

I have the same issue. The app has permissions for camera and gallery but when trying to add a photo I get the same errors. Can someone help with this? Is it a bug?

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It seems to be an old issue, more than 2 years ago, with Android 10 and react native

but there seems no way to solve it right? do the users have to grant manually some more permissions?

Just adding onto this. Also experiencing the issue and am wondering if there are any known workarounds. Seems like this renders any app that leverages image upload to be useless on Android

ok it was not the issue with the picture not done uploading.
It appears also that with older phones / android versions this works. Just an android 10 issue…

To me it seems the image picker just has some major drawbacks. This android one, and then also the image size limitation etc…

@Ben any recommendation / is there a workaround for the android issue?

I’m looking in to this with the team. I have created a high priority bug for this and hope it can be solved asap.


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