Uploading Web Application

Hey, hope everyone is doing well. I’m trying upload my web application to my go daddy domain. Adalo instructs me to add a CNAME DNS record but does give me to necessary inputs. Go daddy asks for a “value” when Adalo provides me with a point to link. Try to use it anyway but it didn’t work. Could someone help?

Did you try looking at Adalo’s documentation?

It’s explained there.


Hey Charles, thanks for your reply! Yes I’ve followed the instructions but when I test the verification in Adalo it fails.

What’s the full domain you are using with your Adalo app? Including the CNAME.

Right now it is naeem-cazaubons-team.adalo.com. I want change it to my custom domain middlmanit.com

Here you say you have implemented the settings.

And here you say that the domain is still with Adalo?

Then you haven’t implemented it!

Please, go back and read Adalo’s guide! Please! You have not followed the instructions.

The first time I was saying that I followed the instructions but the connection failed. The domain was never changed because it kept failing to connect.

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