Can't Publish/Configure Web Application with Custom Domain

Hello Everyone!

I’m trying to configure/publish web application with following setups but it’s not configuring or not showing any error.
I’ve registered the domain from Godaddy
DNS Setup

Adalo Setup

Am I doing anything wrong here? Please help me @Ben


@ahmedferdaus Wanted to follow up here. Are you still having the issue? It looks like you might want to set the “Name” in godaddy, to just be “baazarsodia” and NOT “”

Hi @Ben
Thanks for your reply, I’m still having this problem

I couldn’t find that problem where I did the mistake? Can you please mark them?


Did you delete all the other records on go-daddy? For example the A records and TXT records. For the domain you are using?

@DPS I’m not sure about that (I don’t think so)? If I did, is there any way to restore?

Thanks @DPS

Yes you could always remake them.

Maybe the best is to make a subdomain of your main domain such as and use that instead?

@ahmedferdaus has your problem been resolved? I’m having the same issues. Any solutions?

Welcome to Adalo community @Clarebo333

Yes solved, that was a small issue I missed.

Thanks. Appreciate it. Would you kindly share your Godaddy setup with me please. If possible.