Upvoting a Venue

I am trying to create an upvote action which will allow users to upvote the venue they plan on attending that day. I have followed the available tutorials and continue to run into issues. I would also like the upvote action to increase the # of votes given (just like upvoting on reddit). Would I be creating a relationship between User & votes or Venue & votes? Moreover, would I create a vote database that stores the votes or should that be stored in the venues database? I appreciate any tips or assistance. thank you

The super EASIEST way to do this is:
create a value NUMBER in the VENUE.
Use a TOGGLE in the venue to the upvote (example you could use a triangle of diferente colors) this way the user cannot out upvotes twice.
and sort the list by upvotes.
if this help you: https://koji.to/k/8qPR (tip)

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