Users who uploaded video to some category - how to get them?

Hey guys,
I’m building social media app. My database looks like:

  • SPOT

USER can upload VIDEO on any SPOT. I need to display list of USERS who uploaded VIDEO on the same SPOT. How to make it work?

I can only display list of SPOTS and set filter to ALL SPOTS.

Please help me.

Anyone can help me? Still didn’t figure it out.

  1. Create a many to many relationship between users and spots. Because a user can upload to many spots and each spot has many users uploading the videos.
  2. Create a one to many relationship between spot and videos. A spot can have many videos, but each video belongs to only one spot.

Now when you filter by a spot, you’ll only see list of videos in that spot, uploaded by all the users.

Thank you.
I realized that I need to display ranking of videos on spot. Is it the same way? How should I sort these videos by sum of vote up and vote down?

Yup, count the number of votes and sort is accordingly

Thanks. Also, why when I duplicate screen some buttons change places in preview? How to fix that?

niedz., 15 sie 2021, 13:13 użytkownik Bhanu Vadlakonda via Adalo <> napisał:

My suggestion would be not to duplicate the screens, I don’t have a right answer to this issue.

Is that a bug?

I’d say, it’s more a limitation than a bug. Copied components do have some alignment issues.

I’ve tried to replicate that and after click on buttons they change positions.

Hey man,
I’d love to ask one question. I’ve got up/down vote system. User who votes is adding to column “upvode” or “downvote”. I’ve created separate column “Score” in Videos collection to be able to sort my list of videos by Score - from high to low.

When I vote UP the nickname goes to “Upvote” column but if video is voted down and user votes up, it should be score +1 but I can only make 0 because I’m able to add or delete 1 when user clicks in “Score” table. How to make it work?

Hey @Dawid

Apologies, I don’t really understand your request, can you please rephrase it?

Maybe in a new post so that it wouldn’t confuse other forum members please?


I’ve moved that,

Please check.

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