Urgent assistance needed for booking Boardroom Time- Slots

Hi everyone!
I am looking for an assistance on how can I implement this

I am developing a Boardroom booking App where a User(Customer) needs to book their suitable Slots . Having implemented the list of Slots for the specific room, I am failing on setting slots to disappear from the list after it get booked.

Below is a screenshot for one of the Boardroom with Time slot list.

Time slot Collection

Boardroom Collection

overall app Editor

What shows in your list of boardrooms should be conditional on the flag booked and also make sure you have the option “auto refresh” selected.


Hi @speakupboy
Would you please help me to elaborate more on this . I so far I have set constraints to the toggle button and the Confirm button to be only visible whenever the slot status is equal to Available

So basically what I want is a specific Boardroom’s time-slot to disappear from the list after a user book it up.

As you can see on the screenshot above I have a toggle Button and a green Button that reads “confirm”. I was then trying to use the two button to book a specific slot but I am failing to have it disappeared from the list.

Hi @Jintery ,

There are 2 ways to make the room is not available.

By filtering, like booked is false, or by visibility, only visible if booked is false.

Thanks @Yongki I finally got it

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