Room booking app - can't filter for spaces without bookings

I’m trying to build an app to allow people to book a room or space (e.g. a desk) for a meeting. The similar examples I’ve seen don’t seem to work for my needs - e.g. a class booking app works because a teacher sets office hours and then a student can book one of the sessions. I need a room to be available either 24 hours a day or between certain business hours (9-5 etc.). I’m not clear if I can do the kind of search logic needed here (spaces without bookings vs. unbooked sessions).

I’ve got collections for spaces/rooms and bookings with a relationship property between them:

When a user searchers for a space on a certain date/time, I want to have only spaces without bookings at that date/time to show up:

I’m not seeing the options I need in the filters on the list of spaces:

I tried doing something to set the search value on the user record once they hit search:

I was hoping that could then be used in the filter but that didn’t seem to work:

Any help is appreciated. Even advice on how to better ask this question or point out what’s not clear, would be amazing. :slight_smile:


Hi Ian,

I believe the only way you can achieve this is by having a list of available dates/times. From experience I don’t think Adalo has the ability to search through different times and calculate what times are available, yet.

If you did decide to create a collection where you can show a list of available room ‘slots’ then you could add a counter field (a numeric quantity field) to each ‘slot’ so when someone books the said ‘slot’, you can then add an action to -1 from the counter. You can then filter a list based on if the room has any slots greater than zero.

Hope this is a workaround you can work with, if not then sorry I couldnt be of more help.


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Thanks! I think you’re right and are confirming my suspicion. I can make that work. I was just hoping there was a more elegant, less data-intensive way to do this. I will need to work out a way to automatically generate the available slots and maybe delete unbooked slots as they “expire” if unbooked.



One way of removing expired slots or create slots automatically on a daily basis is to use zapier. With zapier you can schedule actions for a certain time and date so you could set it up to delete expired slots at midnight and add new slots for the next day. I have never done this myself but I know it is possible and looks relatively easy.


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