Validation to form input?

For my app I have a phone number field, wherein an OTP is sent on users phone and only then he’s allowed to sign in. The problem I am facing is as there’s no validation, the user can enter any random number into this field.
Similarly there’s a date of birth field wherein I don’t want the user to put a date after the current date

Is there a way to apply validation to the fields ? So that whenever user makes a wrong entry he’s prompted to correct it

Hey there @Nitish

I made a tutorial outlining a process like this here:

You need to have visibility settings that can validate the number.

Roughly at 11:14 in the video:

Got it @Flawless. Just wondering if there’s any other way to do this. Because I have multiple such fields where I want to do this validation. Keeping one field on one page would be annoying

Have you checked out the multi-input validator component by NoCode Monkey?

I believe it’s what you’re looking for.

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