Urgent! Problem with Ordering App

Hello Adalo Team

I have an ordering App. The goal of the app is that the users can order their drinks.
I have launched the app this week and everything worked fine more or less.

However, there is one bigger Issue. It looks like some users were able to order drinks without being Logged In properly. As a Consequence I do not know who has ordered the drink. There must be an Issue with Authentication??? For the better understanding I have added a Scrennshot, which may make it clearer what the Issue is.

Note: All users haver registered with a Full Name (I have checked this). Thererfore, this cannot be the problem.

I would be very glad if you could help me here

Hello @adyking ! You can setup the action to create an order as “conditional” like the one in the image below. If the issue persists let us know.

I will try this, thank you.

You’re welcome!

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