Order Items not loading

Hi all, I am trying to build an order delivery platform but facing issues for orders to show up on users screens can you help me, please??

Hi, and welcome.

There is not a lot of information provided to really understand the problem. Here is a quick video showing how to create an order (using the built in form) and display logged in users orders. If I needed to take a guess, I would say that when you create your order, you are not associating the order with the logged in user.


Hey thank you for responding I have created multistep order creation so I will try to show you each step if you want and then you can tell me also I have other queries so if there is any other place that I can reach out to you please share

I believe the issue is with this step (Create Order). You should set the User field (8 items down) to be Current Logged In User. I believe this will solve your issue.

Sorry sir unable to get to your solution can you please mark on-field and specify


should look like this

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Thank you Sir I also have some other doubts so should I raise them here or have to raise a different question

Raise them here

Sir I want to create a Delivery Boy access with true and false but unable to do so and want to have different login for vendor so is it possible in single app

Sir only collection bundle is been shown in the list of my app how can I showcase my pickup date and delivery date in the orders list.I tried the logged in which you suggested fir bundle but only collection is been seen in my order can you help me??

You can view this tutorial by Victor.

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yupp I saw that but I tried to replicate it but the mail id redirect me to users home screen rather than admin screen

Could you add some screenshots of your setup?

I think you don’t need two true/false properties. You can add a one property and add a link action to go to the admin screen if that property is true and add another link action to go to the user screen like Victor explained in that video.

check this out

Add another action also to go to the user screen and without condition.

And you can add another screen and make it as the home screen and add this two link actions as screen actions. ( Select that screen and go to Actions section). Then when the user opens the app he/she sees this screen and goes to the correct screen.

Already done

It,s not working

It’s because all the times when the user opens the app the Login screen is not opening. The Home screen is opening because you are logged in. So you can add another screen ( Maybe a blank screen ) and then go to the actions section in that screen and add that same two Link actions and make it as the Home screen. ( Select that screen and click the screen name and select the navigation type to home ). Then when the user Opens the app that screen is showing and goes to the correct screen.