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I would have liked to know if it was possible to write the start of a URL link (which never changes and the user cannot change) and have the user complete it in order to get the correct link.
I hope to make it clear, my english is not very good.
Hoping to have an answer as soon as possible from you.
Have a lovely day everybody ! :blush:

Hi @Ecureuil35,

Could you please explain a bit more and provide a step-by-step example, how this should work in your app?

Best regards, Victor.


First of all, the user clicks on a tab named “Audio” on this new screen.
The user would be asked to complete the last 8 characters (which he will know beforehand) the link below : OpenAudioMc | Login
After completing the link with the last 8 characters the user clicks on “open link”.
The application sends him to a web page which will broadcast audio to him.

Hope the explanation is clear.

Hi @Ecureuil35 :wave:

Do you want like this?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera :grinning:

Yes I think that’s it. Can you show me step by step how you did it so I can try my app and see if it’s what I expected?

thanks a lot for your answer.

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Your welcome.

Yeah sure.

Here’s the video.

Thank you

Whoua formidable! Thank you so much for your help ! :star_struck:

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Great. Your welcome :+1:

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