Audio player url of song

Good day! I paste the link from google disk into the form “url of song” - but the audio does not play! Tell me what url you need to use?
I also upload a file for playback, but it does not work either - maybe there is some secret that I did not understand?)

Player URL only support, if file is uploaded to ADALO, if they link to other hosting will be nice…so we can have our own bucket.

how to connect your track? - I upload a track to the database and then what are my actions?

I think your issue here is that you are accessing an audio collection (with multiple available audio tracks) but there is no ‘current audio’ data available on this page. No specific audio record is selected so its just giving you an option to count how many audio records there are.

If you had an ‘mp3URL’ property under the user collection, it would be accessible as magic text right now (because logged in user is always an accessible row of data).

Or if on the previous page you had a list of audio records, which, when clicked on, linked to this page, you would find when you click on that track and come to this page there would be a ‘current audio’ option there ready to use for magic text.

Hope that makes sense, I think that’s your issue.

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I’m bad at text!) Is there a way to take screenshots?

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