URL post not turning to hyperlink

Hi - I am working on an app with posting feeds. And when trying to post an URL it will go off the list. Is it possible to turn to hyperlink if its a URL and sit within the list?


If you share a sample screen I could help you as I have done this mate.

Hey guys, I encountered the same issue. Is there please a way how to make a link clickable (hyperlink)? Thanks.

As long as the user is pasting the url in a field that is separate you could do this with a usual link action appending some kind of parameters perhaps coz (mailto:email) works.

Yes, I am using a separate text input field. But I am not sure what to insert if it can be any kind of site and I want to link it to that website.

That’s good! I will send the complete ways to do this in awhile coz I am off the grid :ok_hand:

There are two ways to do this. One is to have a custom webview meaning you want to make your own in built previewer of weblinks. OR one that just opens in default OS browser of your user.

Before we get into details the data form is like this (I assume) to create a post.

  1. You said its a separate field right e.g Post Collection then you have a field
    In this example it’s Post Collection : Image, Title, URL source, Author, Created Date (automatic field)

Group it then make it a list. List

  1. (Optional) Convert the link textfield into blue color so people know they can tap on it. Or totally up to you.

  2. Add a link action Choose Website (top bottom)

  3. Populate the Link with dynamic URL which is what the Author has added from the form itself.