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I have created a similar facebook feed but streamed down to post updates on for our students. These updates vary from video, audio and outside website & apps. Is there a way to link to different media/websites/apps from the feed since it is a custom list not for 1 specific type of post buy many?

Hi @jaronhumiston I’m not sure I fully understand this. Are you trying to link to different external URL’s for items in a list?

So this is the newsfeed we have in the app. Each post will link out to either the podcast player in the app, video player or an external link. The problem I am facing is I can’t figure out how to link to other pages in the app for the correct selection.

This is how I have the collection set up…

The issue is I can link out to external sites easily but I’m not sure if there is a way to link to pages in the app through the “link” property I set up

Hi, @jaronhumiston!

In your Newsfeed Posts Collection you could add a True/False property for if it is a podcast, video player, or external link!

I made a cloneable app for you!

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this is awesome! My only issue is that I already have a database of sermons and podcasts that link out to the video/podcast player. How do I get those linked in?

Hey, @jaronhumiston!

Could you explain your issue more?

Yeah sorry about that! So I have the individual databases set up for Podcasts and Sermons. I am pulling that information into the pages below…

So my issue is after looking at the way you created your app and how everything is linking, I am essentially wanting that when I click on a podcast it opens in the podcast player either from the newsfeed screen or from the media page. The same goes for the sermons. Does that make more sense?

Then for the sermons collection create a True/False Property.

So sorry to ask probably dumb questions. I’m new and trying to learn. So this is how I have the different collections set up currently. When you say create a True/False property I’m not exactly sure what then to do? I could be doing something wrong just not sure.

I am pulling from these collections on the media and podcast pages as well as the video and podcast players. When I tried adding the newsfeed links to the media and podcast player then I get these errors and the players do not work correctly.
Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 1.47.22 PM


To add a True/False property click Add Property then click on True/False.

For the current data missing please watch this video:
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