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If I create an order web app like the template that ADALO has for Food trucks, while every Food truck have its individual page, does that individual page has its own URL? I know from a point of view of Mobile does not make sense since the dynamic is generated dynamically via QUERY, but from a point of view of Progressive Web App that would make sense.

If I am a marketplace like an online store, I still want the business to be able to feature that URL in a button in their own website and not having to redirect to my app and then look again for the business.

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I am wondering the same thing… The friendly URL component from the market place would be an option, however this is currently being reworked. @Colin is there any timeline regarding this?

As a workaround you can let the user enter the URL themselves…
If you look the web app URLs they are build like this:
The target value will stay the same as this points to the desired screen. And you just need to let the user (food truck owner) to find out the value for the params section for the food truck entity in the database…

Hope this helps…

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Hi Julian,
So building the unique URL for the food truck page, I am not sure where to apply that since when you publish app you can only choose one domain. I am missing the logic sorry :confused:.

Hi Sebastas,

Build a page with a list of all food trucks… then on click of a food truck build a second screen that has information about that food truck.
That second screen has the information “current food truck”. And that information is stored in the “params” section of the URL. You will recognize this, if you simply create 2 food trucks and click on their details page… then copy and compare those 2 URLs… You see the difference is tiny and is simply the “current food truck” information… That is the information you need to gather to create a direct link to a specific food truck. Hope that makes sense?

If you have the owner of the food truck just copy that URL and use it in whatever links he wants then he can directly link to this food truck.
However sometimes URLs gets longer if there are more “current” items involved, also if the user is logged in etc… so I guess it would make sense to just get that ID of the food truck from the URL and use it…

Did that make it more clear?

example URLS:
however the params section is cryptic and not clear names :slight_smile:


Julian, I had a brain fart, I was looking into the app settings instead of looking into the browser URL. Now I see the light. Yes, this is what I wanted. I guess the week was long. Thank you very much.

And the Friendly URL now definitely would be the Cherry on top of the cake.

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