Current URL of web-app

Hi, working on a new project.
Is there a way to store the current URL of the web-app in a database record?

I have a screen which automatically generates a record when opening - and I would like to get the link to this screen. This screen has couple of "current … " linked data. So it might differ from time to time.
Is there a way to predict this link / or have the user go to website once and then save it ?


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Hi Julian,

If this is a webapp and not a mobile one, you could try the friendly URL component from the components marketplace.

Thanks Colin

Yeah. As far as I understand the friendly URL will only allow 1 parameter. Correct ? So if we think about a Restaurant web app, you can’t use a link with “current menu item” & “current table” but only one of them.

I have figured out a way to combine parameters so friendly URL is indeed the solution I want to use but so far I can’t make the friendly url component to work :see_no_evil: there is another thread for this.

  • what page to put the component on ?
  • does it work with Adalo subdomain or do I need my own
  • which field to use magic Text and which not ?

I have the same questions, I don’t know in what screen I need use the component, and I don’t know how use, because say “Data send to destination page” but in this page I can understand how use this data :see_no_evil:

guess we have to wait for this video…

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