Use Zapier to update users collection

Hi Friends,

Working on an app and stuck trying to figure out how I can use a zap to give access to users once they have paid for the subscription. Right now the workflow is this: Download app > sign up > make payment on an external webpage (Stripe checkout), once they pay > a record is created in airtable. Everything up until this point is working, the final step is to give access to users who have paid. How can I get Airtable to sync with the users collection in Adalo to update the user status to “Paid” and thus “active”?

Alternatively, is there a way for me to somehow sync Adalo’s user collection to a table in Airtable which will allow someone on the team to update the status of a user via Airtable? (Airtable’s UI on mobile is much more user friendly, and the team would like to have the ability to give access to users on-the-go).



Hi Christina,

I have just finished an app with an external stripe checkout page. This was the solution I used:

  1. Have a link from the mobile app to the Priceblocs checkout page. (Priceblocs is a checkout page that works on Stripe and gives more customizability)
  • We pass logged in user’s email in the URL. I believe only by using Priceblocs checkout on top of Stripe you can force their email via URL parameter.
  1. Use Stripe webhooks to retrieve customer email and match it up to the customer email on database. In our case we used Xano and this is quite straightforwards.
  • In your case you’d use Zapier to GET ALL users from Adalo API, then filter the results by email in Zapier to get the correct user, then update that user to be paid/active.

I hope that helps. It’s a topic with probably a number of different ways of doing it.

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Hi @theadaloguy

Thanks for your response!

For the last bullet, do you have resources or pointers? I’m stuck at figuring out how to use Zapier to either “Get All” users form the Adalo API or to just have them match the user email. I’m also looking into using Custom Actions(?) to set this up as an alternative?

I ended up just emailing the customer ID to the user and having them submit the user id on the next screen to gain access. This also allows my client the flexibility of providing free access to users should she need to. Thanks~

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