Integrate/Update Adalo User database with Airtable or another 3rd party platform


So I’ve just recently upgraded my plan to Pro so that I can try out the API Documentation function. I’m relatively new to API here so I would appreciate any suggestions.

I am trying to link my user database with Airtable or another third party database, where I can update existing user records or create new user records from Airtable’s database.

I have tried Custom Action, and I was able to create new records in Airtable when I create new Users in Adalo, but not the reverse. I’ve also tried Zapier but I keep getting error messages when I try to create/update User records from the Airtable side.

It doesn’t need to be Airtable, as long as I can easily edit/create new User records from an external database then it would be great.


You may need to use the Adalo API to update/create.

I have got it to work from Postman, but it was a bit picky.

Content type needs to be application/json and the body needs to be JSON.

I grabbed the User Endpoint from my app’s API documentation “Get all collection records” … like

Authorisation is Bearer xxxxxxxx (you can find that in the API docs too.

Body is then :

“Email”: “string”,
“Username”: “string”,
“Full Name”: “string”,
“Business Name”: “string”,
“Remaining Amount”: 0,
“Test?”: “string”,
“Redeem Amount”: 0,
“Total Sales”: 0,
“Total Redemptions”: 0

making sure the content type is application/JSON and it is POST.

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Hey @NigelG, thanks so much for your reply. Pardon my ignorance, but Postman is an API Development platform, right? Do you mean that I use Postman to connect with Airtable, or I can manage my database directly through Postman.

Do you perhaps have the links for tutorial/learning resources for this?


Sorry, my fault for not being clear. Postman is a way of testing APIs. So I used it to see if I could use Adalo’s user API to create a user and it worked OK. So maybe Zapier is the issue here.

@NigelG Thanks for your reply!

I can create a record in Airtable via Adalo using Zapier, but not the opposite. Is there a tutorial on how I can use API Documentation for that?

I don’t think so. It may be worth checking to see if the Zapier issue is a “bug” or not.

From what I can see, the Zap to create a User doesn’t pull back any fields to use. It “works” in that it creates a blank user but it doesn’t “work” :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t work then I can show you how to do it manually.

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