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Hi All,

I have an app that need to have a user authenticated to use some of its features. When I de authorise or delete the user the app still provides them with full access. Is there a way to ask to reauthenticate the login of the current user when they navigate to specific screens?

Hi @hatzo,

This might happen because some of the user info is cached in the app/browser.

As an option, you can add a on-screen-enter action to check if user exists / user is premium (action happens sometimes, for example, if Logged-In User → Premium is False, assuming that Premium is the Boolean property for Users). And the action itself should link to some “access denied” screen.

Another example, what I usually do to check for “false” users: I set up the separate “Home” screen, with a text label “preparing everything for you”, and put 2 actions there: if Logged-in User → Email is equal to empty, I direct user to “Access Denied” screen, and with the 2nd action I direct to normal home screen.

Hopefully these hints could be useful in your case (of course they need to be adapted).

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks Victor… that resolved the issue.

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